Do you remember the last time food didn’t make you feel bloated or gassy?

Are your digestive symptoms stealing your spontaneity and taking over your life?

Is that unwanted weight literally weighing you down?

I get it, mine did too!

The good news is you CAN feel better and get back to living your best life!

Book your free 20-minute gut healing strategy session and let’s chat about how I can help you on your road to better digestion.

You’ve explored countless supplements and tried all the diets. 

But the pain, bloating, and fatigue won’t budge.

I understand because I’ve been there too.

Are you ready for solutions that work?

It’s possible to feel free from pain, bloating, and fatigue, and I can show you how.

Hi there, I’m Christy.

I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there too. For years I silently suffered from severe bloating, cramping, anxiety, and skin issues, and I couldn’t figure out why. 

I was told that my symptoms weren’t that bad—that they were in my head or that a round of antibiotics would cure everything. 

But I knew that wasn’t true, so I set out to unravel my own symptoms and find answers. I experimented, researched, and studied—I learned where my symptoms were stemming from and found ways to strengthen my digestive system and improve or eliminate my symptoms.  

Now I have the experience and education to tell you: Your symptoms are real. And I know they’re impacting your life. 

I’m also thrilled to tell you that there’s a way out of your pain.

My mission is to help women just like you. No more avoiding trips because you’re not sure your stomach will cooperate. No more canceling plans because you’re afraid you look too bloated or will need to run to the bathroom. No more frustration, isolation, and feeling like no one understands.

I can help—we’re in this together.

Are you ready to start on your path to healing today? Click the link to grab a copy of my eBook.

Read what people are saying.

Before seeking Christy’s help with my nutritional needs, I was completely overwhelmed. I tried so many programs that promised weight loss and good nutritional health and they never worked long term.

Christy patiently led me through every detail of what supplements I needed and what healthy foods to add to my diet. I feel so much better and have more energy! Christy is so kind, patient and a true professional whose goal is to help her clients with their journey to a healthy life.

Pat K.
Client of Christy’s
Christy has been a huge help helping me navigate GI Map test results. Deciding to work with Christy, and invest in a GI Map test after dealing with years of digestive symptoms was a huge step in my healing journey.
Jolee K.
Client of Christy’s
Christy was extremely thorough in helping me resolve my digestive issues like constipation and heartburn. I am truly grateful for her knowledge, understanding of the human body and continued support.
Jose’ D.
Client of Christy’s
Christy is a fantastic health and nutrition coach. She helped me to understand my “why” and in turn I was able to incorporate small gradual changes into my daily routines resulting in weight loss, better sleep, more energy and a decrease in my A1C. Without hesitation, I highly recommend working with Christy.
Meredith L.
Client of Christy’s

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